May 20, 2024

How to mount an NFS Share on Linux.

A common technology in the IT World is the use of NFS Media. It can be used as storage or sharing some files for example. NFS Stands for “Network File System” and is used as a file system protocol that allows you to share files over a network. When you mount an NFS Share on your system you can use it with your local file system.

In this blog, I will write how to mount an NFS Share on your Linux System.

How to install an NFS Client application?

The NFS Client application is not default installed on Linux. With a simple command, we can install the necessary binaries.

On RHEL (RedHat), CentOS, or Fedora servers you can use yum, like this:

On Debian / Ubuntu based servers you can use apt, like this:

Create a new Linux directory where you mount your NFS Share.

With the command MKDIR you can create an empty Linux Directory, like this:

Mount your NFS Share to your created directory.

If there is no output the NFS Share is successfully mounted.

Just to be sure check if it is mounted.

Check if your NFS Share is listed.

Unmounting can be done with the following command.

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