May 16, 2024

How to install WhatsApp on Windows?

Since almost every mobile cellphone has an internet connection it’s no longer needed to send paid SMS messages to other people. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services available now. Since its launch in 2009 (founded by ex-Yahoo employees) the service has included more and more features in the App. Nowadays we are used to sending pictures, videos, contacts, locations, live locations, and other files. Another creative feature is the Windows Desktop application. Mostly used by people who work in an office location, because they don’t have to look at their phones every time.

How to install WhatsApp on Windows?

Go to the official WhatsApp download page: CLICK HERE.
Click on the green Download For Windows Button.

There is no need to save the installer file on you laptop. Running directly after download is OK.

The setup is busy installing WhatsApp when you see the following screen.

After a couple of minutes the following screen appears.
Do the following, then you are able to scan the QR Code (swapped mine for a black one).

Scan the QR:

Done, happy WhatsApping.

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