April 17, 2024

How to get the used DNS Servers in Linux?

DNS Stands for Domain Name Resolution and is used in almost all devices with a kind of operating system on it. It is designed to create names to easily remember IP Addresses from all over the world. So it basically means that there is a translation between IP Addresses to names.

The public IP Address where this name server is located is ( which is hard to remember.  But “www.yourcomputerfix.com” is a lot easier. Not 100% correct, but it gives you an idea of how DNS works.

Finding DNS Servers on Linux is not that hard, you only need to know where to search for them. With one simple command, you can get the DNS Servers. You can get your Linux DNS Servers by running this command:

The cool thing about this command is, that it works on almost all Linux distributions.

Get DNS Servers Linux

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